Track coach in Kemah accused of sexually assaulting teen girl in 2016

KEMAH, Texas – A track coach in Kemah is accused of sexually assaulting a teen girl, according to court records.

Floyd Thompson Jr., a track and field coach and personal trainer, is accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl, which began back in 2016 when he was 23 years older than the victim, according to court records.

The victim told investigators that Thompson was going to help her career by training her in workouts, but that as the two became closer, their relationship became more private, according to court records.

“They became physically and mentally closer as time went on. He ingratiated himself with her family. They all became close. He related that he could help or could get her a scholarship,” Kemah Police Detective Brian Goetschius said.

Thompson was paying her special attention, separating her from the rest of the trainees and giving her rides in his vehicle, according to court documents. The documents also stated Thompson encouraged the teen to talk to him about sexual acts she performed on her boyfriend.

After the girl and her boyfriend split in 2018, investigators said Thompson sexually assaulted her and did so again three more times, all before she turned 17.

“He was married and things got back to his wife and it started the investigation,” Goetschius said.

Thompson was recently arrested in Webster, he said.

“I think he was very much in shock of what we were investigating and why at this time it came forward,” Goetschius said.

Thompson’s bond was set at $100,000. Police believe more victims may be out there and want to hear from them.

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