Test it Tuesday: Will this bowl keep your food hot for 6 hours?

HOUSTON – Barbecues, picnics, and tailgating: When your party revolves around eating and being outside, it can be a challenge to keep food warm or cold enough.

The 6 Hour Bowl that claims it can do both jobs. The insulated bowl costs $19.88 at Walmart. It says it keeps hot food hot and cold food cold with no electricity required.

Product: 6 Hour Bowl

Insulated stainless steel bowl that holds nine cups of food.

Claims: Keeps hot food hot and cold food cold

Summary of test

Food temperature is very important to food safety. The FDA says the safe holding temperature for hot food is 140 degrees or higher. For cold food like pasta salads, the temperature should be 40 degrees or less. Anything in the middle is considered the danger zone where bacteria can grow most rapidly, and that can make you sick.

We tested the 6 Hour Bowl three times:

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