‘He didn’t mind if he killed us’: Shots fired as couple caught in street takeover makes daring escape

HOUSTON – A Houston couple described a 30-minute nightmare that grew more violent by the second. They said at times, they feared for their lives, especially after someone fired shots as they made their escape in west Houston.

Betty, her fiance and their dog were driving home early Sunday morning when they got caught smack dab in the middle of a chaotic scene that unfolded on Enclave Parkway at Forkland Drive.

“Now that you watch the video you’re like... Whoa... This guy actually shot at us. He didn’t mind if he killed us,” Betty said.

The video Betty is referring to was posted to social media and she saw it the day after the incident.

“We didn’t have a path to get out and there were cars still doing donuts in the middle of the street,” she said.

Betty said there were 30 to 40 cars and as many as 100 people blocking the intersection.

“All of a sudden, I picked up my phone. It lit up obviously because it dropped under the seat. The guy on the megaphone said, ‘She’s calling the police! She’s calling the police,’” she said.

The mob got angry and started banging on the car.

“Somebody broke our glass on our windshield. I was like we are going to die. This is our night. This is the night. I’m going to die,” Betty said.

KPRC 2 Investigates uncovered street takeovers and parking lot mayhem are not uncommon. They happen on almost a nightly basis in neighborhoods all across the Houston area.

“If the bullet hadn’t changed its course it would have gone to my baby. I know she’s a dog, (but) she’s my world. It would have hit her and then it would have hit me in the passenger seat,” Betty said.

Betty said the Houston Police Department is investigating.

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