Firefighter injured while battling house fire in northwest Houston, officials say

HOUSTON – A Houston firefighter is injured and others worked to put out a house fire in northwest Houston Tuesday, officials said.

Firefighters said they were called to the home located in the 9700 block of Beckley around 2:26 a.m.

Officials said they located a single-family residence with heavy flames coming out of the home.

Investigators said firefighters were called to the home twice in one shift. There was an electrical issue, which caused the insulation in the attic to start smoking, firefighters said. Firefighters said they shut off power to the house, pulled out the insulation and the family left.

However, the firefighters had to come back to the residence four hours later. This time, the home was engulfed in flames, and firefighters did their best to put the blaze out.

Officials said the injured firefighter is doing okay and was transported to the hospital to get his shoulder checked out. Investigators are currently trying to figure out what caused the blaze.

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