Test it Tuesday: Will this $20 car cover protect your vehicle from ice and heat?

HOUSTON – Here in southeast Texas, we’re not always prepared for cold weather and what it leaves behind, like ice on our car windshield. Clearing it off can really slow you down on a cold morning, but the Weatherforce360 all-weather protector claims it keeps ice away.

We put it to the test to find out if it works as advertised.

What: Bell and Howell Weatherforce360

Where to buy: We found it at Walmart for $19.88.

Claims: It promises to protect your car from ice in the winter and heat in the summer.

Test: Kingwood mom Whitney Yarbrough left two of her family vehicles outside overnight during last week’s cold snap. She attached the Weatherforce360 cover to the front windshield of one car and left the other unprotected. The next morning, Whitney found a thick layer of ice covering the windshield and back window of the unprotected car. The car with the Weatherforce360 cover had no ice on the windshield. She simply removed the cover, folded it into a small square and put it back inside her car. Whitney was impressed with the results.

In the summer, the Weatherforce360 attaches to your car’s front windshield the same way to provide shade and keep the inside temperature of your vehicle down.

Verdict: Thumbs up!

Other pros:

Whitney likes that the Weatherforce360 folds up easily and is small enough to keep in your car when you need it.

Small flaps on the cover allow you to secure it with your car doors so that no one steals it from your vehicle.