Houston Police Department increases security throughout city ahead of Inauguration Day, Acevedo says

HOUSTON – Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo announced the department will increase security across the city starting Friday through Jan. 20, the day of the inauguration.

The initiative will begin at 6 a.m. and will be extended, if necessary. Acevedo said this comes as after rioters stormed the Capitol and breached the White House.

While Acevedo said there is no specific threat to our community, the department will continue to investigate. In a press conference, Acevedo said the greatest threat to the nation is that of domestic violence from extremist groups, specifically the white nationalist type groups and hate groups and militias across the country.

The effort will include all members in uniform, except for undercover officers. Acevedo said there will be no vacations during this time.

“Be the eyes/ears of the police department,” Acevedo said. “If you hear any threat against our city or county or state or nation, please report it right away to your local agency and or the FBI,” Acevedo said.

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