Mattress Mack reportedly says election payouts are on the way to winning customers of Gallery Furniture promotion

Mattress Mack
Mattress Mack

After a monthslong election, Jim McIngvale, otherwise known to Houstonians as “Mattress Mack,” is finally issuing payouts to Gallery Furniture customers who correctly predicted the Democratic party would win the 2020 presidential election.

As part of promotional deal, Gallery Furniture owner Mattress Mack offered a 50% refund of a $3,000+ purchase total or 100% of a $3,000+ purchase total back in-store credit to customers who correctly choose the winner of the November election.

According to Houston Chronicle, Mattress Mack said checks to winning customers are going out Monday.

Following speculation by social media users that payouts were delayed due to concerns about voter fraud, McIngvale explained to the Chronicle that his company looked to avoid recollecting and redistributing prizes saying, “we didn’t want to pay it twice in case there was a flip, although the odds were very small.”

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