Family searches for answers after 3-year-old girl attacked by dog inside restaurant in Old Town Spring

Child attacked by dog
Child attacked by dog

OLD TOWN SPRING, Texas – Ronin Waldroup, 3, is slowly recovering after she was attacked by a dog inside a restaurant in Old Town Spring Saturday afternoon.

“Right now, she’s going to be in a lot of pain, she’s in a lot of pain,” said Ronin’s mother, Cleveratta Gordon Waldroup.

Cleveratta Waldroup said they came out as a family to get something to eat and as soon as they stepped inside the restaurant, their daughter was mauled.

“It was instantaneous. There was a massive Pittbull (with) a service vest and he just lashed out at her,” Cleveratta Waldroup said.

“Witnesses said my little girl didn’t reach for it. She reached up to put her hand on her face, like, she is now and the dog leaped forward,” said Ronin’s father, James Waldroup.

Ronin suffered a large bite wound to her right cheek, her jaw was also injured and she needed almost 20 stitches after the attack, her family says.

“It has been very traumatic for us to see my baby attacked so viciously,” Cleveratta Waldroup said.

The family said the owner of the dog did not ask if they could help, they did not apologize, and they did not stick around.

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