NAACP Houston Branch, other organizations condemn city council member’s social media post

HOUSTON – Members of the NAACP Houston Branch and the Women’s Coalition for Women’s Empowerment gathered on the steps of Houston City Hall in response to a recent social media post by City Councilman Greg Travis.

Speakers in attendance called his post demeaning and disparaging to Black women and they called for change.

Travis said the post, made to his personal Facebook account on Dec. 21, is a repost of a meme from the internet and claimed the issue is a conversation about freedom of speech.

Councilman Greg Travis maintains his comment specifically was directed toward his thoughts on the former first lady’s performance in the unelected position. He said it wasn’t racist, nor misogynist.

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“Everybody can have an opinion. What makes me have a right to an opinion is that I’m an individual. I’m a person and every person has a right to their opinion. I have a right to have opinions about men and women. I have a right to have opinions about everything. This wasn’t directed at anybody except one person, Michelle Obama. I don’t hate Michelle Obama, I just don’t think she’s all that,” Travis said.

Local leaders said that the post and rhetoric involved is insulting and demeaning. Local business owner and philanthropist, Laurie Robinson, spoke at the rally and said that some of the councilman’s comments in the post were also directed at her. She said his post disparaged Black women’s hard work.

“In one post, he disparaged women to the lowest thread. Without acknowledging their hard work, sleepless nights, and everything it takes to be successful. He has yet to acknowledge these women worked hard to reach their dreams and strive for a better life, said Robinson.

Local groups have called for Travis’ resignation. The councilman said he does not plan to step down.

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