Houston City Councilman Greg Travis faces backlash over Facebook comments

HOUSTON – A Houston city councilman Tuesday defended comments he made on social media, comparing former First Lady Michelle Obama to current First Lady Melania Trump, amid growing calls for his resignation.

“I have every right to my opinion. They have every right to their opinion. I don’t tell other people they can’t have their opinion,” said Councilman Greg Travis, District G, who added, “They can call for whatever they want. I’m not resigning.”

Travis said the post, made to his personal Facebook account on Dec. 21, is a repost of a meme from the internet.  The post includes two photographs – one of Mrs. Obama, the other of Mrs. Trump. Both women were seated – Mrs. Obama, wearing a pantsuit, is seated without legs crossed.  Mrs. Trump, also wearing a pantsuit, is seated with her legs crossed.

“There is a meme that’s been out there for several years, and I reposted it,” Travis said. His reshare included the comment, “Yep, Just saying.”

“There’s a difference,” Travis said.  “I think one is classier. One is not,” Travis continued.

“How so,” pressed KPRC 2 Brandon Walker.

“Well, I just think that one represents the First Lady ideal. Michelle Obama has always been too political for me,” Travis continued.

Councilman Travis maintains his comment specifically was directed toward his thoughts on the former First Lady’s performance in the unelected position. He said it wasn’t racist, nor misogynist.

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