PHOTOS: Here are all animals born at the Houston Zoo in 2020

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On Tuesday, May 12 at 6:30 a.m., 29-year-old Asian elephant Shanti gave birth to a 326-pound male calf after a short labor.

HOUSTON – There was a baby boom at the Houston Zoo in 2020.

The zoo welcomed a new herd, which included Nelson the Asian elephant, Kivuli the okapi, Peter Rabbit the Schmidt’s red-tailed monkey, three bongos and others.

Families can visit the Houston Zoo as a way to contribute to saving wildlife.

Here is a breakdown of the animals born in 2020:

March 31: Traci, Giant Anteater

The Zoo welcomed a male giant anteater baby on the evening of March 31 to mom Olive. Giant anteaters spend the first few weeks of life clinging to their mothers and will typically hitch a ride on mom’s back for almost 12 months. Even though he’s almost as big as Olive at nine months old, Traci can still be found on her back sometimes at the Zoo’s newest addition, South America’s Pantanal.

In the early hours of April 10, a male Schmidt’s red–tailed monkey was born to mother Njeri and has been named Peter Rabbit in honor of Easter weekend. (Houston Zoo)

April 10: Peter Rabbit, Schmidt’s Red-tailed Monkey

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