Monolith appears in Houston neighborhood

Monolith in the Houston Heights area on the corner of 11th and Beverly. (Copyright - KPRC)

HOUSTON – Houstonians in one neighborhood are baffled by the appearance of a silver monolith, similar to those discovered around the world.

The monolith is located at 11th and Beverly Streets in the Heights.

It looks nearly identical to the ones discovered in Utah and Romania, but it appears to be made of cardboard or plastic instead of metal.

Residents told KPRC 2 that it showed up in the area about a week ago.

People have started to leave mementos at the base of the nearly 10-foot-tall object, including a yellow ribbon tied around it. A framed picture of a Hindu god and a sticker that reads “weird” were also placed at the site.

“I was surprised,” one resident told KPRC. “Hopefully someone will lay claim to it.”

No word on what or who constructed the monolith.

The first monolith was discovered in San Juan County, Utah on Nov. 18, with several European countries and Africa having reported several similar monoliths. The origins of these structures varied from artists to business owners.

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