Tough Christmas: Houston family asking for help to move after car smashes into their home

HOUSTON – Christmas Day at the Aguilar home was different this year with a gaping, temporarily-patched hole in their townhouse that was left by an out-of-control car. It’s a constant reminder of what happened last Thursday.

Selena, 3, was a twin but her brother died of sepsis. Emma, 4, has Autism. Both children face unique challenges and have been especially unsettled since a car barreled through a corner of their Beverly Place townhome in the 6200 block of Beverly Hill.

“It was really terrifying, trying to process what just happened,” said Alyssia Aguilar. “Just seeing the fear in my daughters’ eyes, they didn’t know how to process it.”

Nelson Reyes, 17, of Houston, has been arrested and charged with reckless driving in connection with the crash.

The Aguilars are trying to move forward. Really, they just want to move. The house is now cold and noisy. They’re worried about the kids. However, money is tight, pandemic tight, and they could use some help.

If you would like to help the Aguilar Family, a GoFund Me campaign has been started by a family friend. Click here to donate.