Harris County Pct. 4 judge donates personal money to help families who are being evicted

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HOUSTON – Harris County Judge Pct. 4 Lincoln Goodwin donated his personal money to help families who are being evicted during the pandemic.

Goodwin, a judge who presides over eviction cases, decided to turn the tables by helping struggling families with their rent and avoid evictions. Goodwin said he wanted to give back during the holidays after seeing countless families suffering due to the pandemic.

He and his family are using the money that would have gone toward their summer vacation, which was canceled because of coronavirus. Those savings will be distributed through Fallbrook Church to those most in need.

“Just like after Hurricane Harvey, my goal today is to inspire others to help their neighbors get back on their feet. We did it then. We can do it again. In partnering with Fallbrook Church,” Goodwin said. “We are able to say that in the midst of everything, you can rely on the power of community. I truly believe brighter days are ahead.”

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