Trust Index: Did a Tennessee nurse really die after getting the coronavirus vaccine?

Stock image of a syringe.
Stock image of a syringe. (HeungSoon/Pixabay)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – Several anti-vaccine social media posts are circulating around the internet claiming the new COVID-19 vaccine made a Tennessee critical care nurse faint shortly after getting the shot.

According to WRCB-TV, six nurses at CHI Memorial Hospital in the Chattanooga area were vaccinated, including critical care nurse Tiffany Dover, who experienced a fainting spell a few minutes after the vaccination.

She was surrounded by CHI Memorial medical personnel who assisted in administering the shot. A press conference from WRCB showed Dover receiving the vaccine when she suddenly dropped down to the floor.

Reaction from social media

Social media was quick to react to the nurse’s passing out, saying that Dover had died on the spot. Some of the posts also claimed that the vaccine is unsafe for humans after the video began circulating of Dover fainting began circulating on Facebook. The clip does not show her quick recovery.

The widely-shared video has already racked up more than 2,400 views, generating many “anti-vaccine” comments.

“Wow! And then you add the lack of O2 from wearing a mask on top of the vaccine,” said one of the comments. “But I’m sure they’ll say it’s not the shot.”

Statement from the hospital

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