Spencer Solves It: Help for a family of toddler left injured after accident

HOUSTON – For so many people, this holiday season has been hard. We are here to help.

Each year, our Spencer Solves It team works together to help several families in need. So far this week, we have introduced you to the Mikel and Widemon families. Both facing unimaginable situations made a little brighter thanks to generous donors in our community.

Today, we would like you to meet the Wooten family from New Caney.

Christmas just isn’t the same

Inside their small trailer home Kayley Wooten, her boyfriend Justin, and Kayley’s young sons decorate the Christmas tree. But one of Kayley’s sons, 2-year-old Preston can’t join in on the decorating.

Once, a healthy energetic bright-eyed boy, last May little Preston snuck out of the family home while his mother was sleeping, made his way to the neighbors unprotected pool and either fell or jumped in. A short time later, a frantic Kayley woke up and quickly found him next door.

“I jumped over the pool and he was on top and he was floating and I grabbed him,” said Kayley. “So I started CPR and just was begging God to bring my baby back to me. I was screaming at God. I was telling him if he goes I go. There’s no way I can live without my baby.”

Thanks to the life-saving efforts of Kayley and a team of paramedics dispatched to the scene, Preston survived but suffered severe brain damage from lack of oxygen.

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