Spencer Solves It: Holiday miracle for grandmother now raising 5 grandchildren after son dies from COVID-19

HOUSTON – It is supposed to be the happiest season of the year, in a year like we have ever seen before. But while many things will be different this Christmas, one thing will not change.

As they have for years now, the Spencer Solves It team is working to deliver a holiday miracle for deserving families.

Grandmother struggling to make ends meet

Rhonda Widemon reads a passage from the bible to her five beautiful grandchildren.

It’s Rhonda’s way of trying to ease the incredible pain they have been feeling, ever since their father and Rhonda’s son, Jamond Coffman, died from COVID-19 this past July.

“We gotta stay before God and let him know that even in the midst of us going through these trials and tribulations ... God’s got us,” Rhonda said.

Rhonda’s son was a devoutly religious preacher and she says he worshipped two things: God and his five children.

“He would take me to church every Sunday, I used to pray and sit with him,” said Jaedyn Coffman, Rhonda’s 10-year-old grandaughter.

Last summer, Jamond battled COVID-19, but on July 18 he lost that fight.

“She called me panicking,” Rhonda Widemon said. “She said, ‘I found him, he’s unresponsive.’ She said he’s not breathing, he was foaming at the mouth”

Rhonda, a nurse herself at Memorial Hermann Hospital, spent her life-saving others. She raced to her son’s side but there was nothing anyone could do.

“They kept shocking him and he would never come back,” Rhonda said. “So I begged them, ‘Please let him go, just stop, he’s already gone.’”

Since that time Rhonda has taken all five of her grandchildren in and is raising them alone.

To make matters worse, her husband is stuck in Nigeria unable to return home because of COVID-19 restrictions. And at this point, there is no money to give these kids who’ve lost so much, any kind of Christmas.

“It’s Christmas season,” Rhonda said. “I don’t have the money, I don’t have anything.”

Spencer Solves It!

So Rhonda wrote to Spencer Solves It.

“They deserve the world, they deserve the best Christmas ever,” Rhonda said.

Now, working with the generous people at Academy Sports and Outdoors, who’ve agreed to provide us with more than $2,000 worth of brand new bicycles. All total, five families in Houston will be given 21 bikes and accessories.

“I just felt the need to see the joy on their faces,” said Bill’s Brigade member, Randy Hartley.

And with Randy Hartley, a longtime member of Bill’s Brigade, we are going to give Rhonda’s kids a Christmas they won’t ever forget.

“Rhonda, I admire everything you are doing, far as raising your grandkids,” Randy said. “So, I’d be honored and humbled if you’d please accept this Visa gift card for $1,000 dollars.”

“Oh my God, thank you, oh my God,” Rhonda said.

But that’s not all, time for part two of this Christmas miracle. The family was also presented with brand new bicycles. The kids are stunned and incredibly excited.

“I’m very thankful for that, cause I have been wanting a bike for so long,” said one daughter.

Finally, surprise number three.

Rhonda and her family were also given a $500 Academy gift card to spend on anything they want.

“We love you guys, this will be great for my grandkids,” Rhonda said.

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