Sears stalls for months replacing woman’s leaky fridge under warranty

HOUSTON – When you pay hundreds of dollars for a warranty, you expect to be covered when you need to use it but Houstonian De Rose asked consumer expert Amy for help after she says Sears gave her elderly mother the run around for months.

Rose’s daily routine has her soaking up the water at the bottom of her mother’s Kenmore refrigerator, wringing out the wet rags, drying them in the dryer and replacing the rags to soak up more water.

“I’m tired of mopping up water,” Rose said.

Rose would rather be spending time with her mom, who’s not in great health. At 82 years old and after a stroke and recent seizures, she’s in no shape to deal with the faulty appliance. When she bought it from Sears 20 years ago, along with a stove and washer and dryer, she also bought a service agreement to cover their repair or replacement if she ever needed it. She has renewed that agreement every year. The leak in the refrigerator started in January.

“I’ve had five service appointments,” explained Rose. “I’ve had to take off from my job to come home and wait for them. And then when they come, they put in their report ‘Beyond repair.’”

They each told her she would get a phone call in five to 10 business days to get authorization for a replacement refrigerator. Each time, she heard nothing.

“Here we are in December. I’ve been dealing with this problem all of 2020,” said a frustrated Rose.

We reached out to Sears’ corporate office through Facebook. In just a few hours, a representative replied. She told us technical issues, specifically a server down, caused some of the delays. Sears is now getting Rose’s mother a replacement refrigerator.

They sent this statement by email:

“At Sears, the satisfaction of our members is our top priority. We have agreed to replace Ms. Monroe’s refrigerator. Once she selects the model she prefers, we will schedule it for delivery. We apologize for the delay and appreciate her being loyal customer.”

Reaching out to Sears on social media was probably the only thing Rose had not tried and it did the trick. Remember that when you need to reach a big company.

Warning about service agreements and warranties

You should know that warranty packages on appliances and electronics are rarely worth it. If Rose’s mom had saved the money she paid Sears every year, she would have had about $8,000-- plenty to buy her own new fridge and avoid the hassle she got from Sears.

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