New speed limit put in place for cyclists at some Houston parks

HOUSTON – If you’re an avid cyclist, be on the lookout for speed limit signs on some popular bike trails in Houston. Ten miles-per-hour signs are now in place at Terry Hershey and George Bush Park.

Harris County Precinct 3 Commissioner Steve Radack put in place the signs about a week ago. He says deputy constables are making sure people comply with the new rule.

“What we are trying to do is keep everyone safe cyclist as well as pedestrians that’s the reason for it,” he said.

Radack says his office has received around 20 complaints about cyclists going too fast around people.

“The problem is that we’ve had people injured on the trail by people who are speeding on bikes,” Radack said.

John McElroy spotted one of the signs on his exercise break.

“It didn’t bother me I thought it was good. I bike here, and we walk as well. It’s good to make sure that everyone is staying safe,” he said.

But not everyone agrees with the new installments.

“Enforcement should be a last resort,” said Joe Cutrufo, the executive director of Bike Houston.

Cutrufo says cyclists usually don’t keep speedometers on their bikes and it’s hard to know how fast you’re going.

“Enforcing speed limits in parks as low as 10 miles per hour is just going to discourage cycling in those parks. You’re going to have cyclists says well if there is going to be police there trying to prevent me from going at a comfortable speed then I’m going to ride somewhere else,” he said.

Cutrufo says he’s all for safety, but there needs to be something that everyone can agree with.

“I definitely think that it’s a good idea for people to be more cautious. But, I don’t know if it’s necessary,” Danielle Mancha said.

Cutrufo adds he’s willing to work with Commissioner Radack or any official to find a better solution for cyclists and pedestrians. Commissioner Radack says he’s willing to adjust the speed limit once people comply with the rules.