Parole officer released from hospital after battling COVID-19 for nearly 6 months

CYPRESS, Texas – After battling the coronavirus for nearly six months, a man headed home from the hospital Wednesday.

Lafayette Johnson, a parole officer and retired Army sergeant, said it’s a moment he and his family will never forget.

Friends, family and coworkers cheered on Lafayette as he left the Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Cypress.

Johnson is considered an essential worker and he was worried about going to work at first because of COVID-19. He said he got it after his boss tested positive.

During his time at the hospital, his lungs and kidney collapsed. Doctors put him on an incubator and an expensive treatment. He was on life support twice.

His wife Kelli said she is glad her husband is back home.

“We would like to tell everyone, ‘Thank you for your support, blessing and prayers,’” Kelli Johnson said. “We could not have done this without y’all. We are so thankful. From us and the family, we truly appreciate it.”

Lafayette said he is looking forward to his wife’s spaghetti and watching the Dallas Cowboys.