‘Greatest Christmas present ever:’ Pasadena woman reunited with dog that escaped 5 months ago

HOUSTON – A Pasadena woman and the 6-year old German Shepherd named Luna Rose has reunited this weekend after the dog escaped from home five months ago.

Susan Ray said she searched for her beloved dog for weeks but came up empty.

“We knew after three weeks. My boyfriend said, ‘You better get into reality that the dog probably isn’t coming back. Somebody got her and took her,’” said Ray.

Luna Rose was found by a family in Oklahoma City last week in the middle of a busy street.

“All of a sudden, I get this text that says we found Luna Rose, I thought no way,” said Ray.

The reunion was made possible thanks to a microchip that was scanned at an Oklahoma City Petco.

“I didn’t know you could go to Petco or any of the pet places like that and get a free scan,” Ray said.

Ray drove up to Oklahoma City on Saturday and was able to pick up Luna Rose Sunday morning. The pair made it back home Sunday night.

“She’s been bringing out her toys. She ate. She went to the backyard and checked everything out. It’s just wonderful having her home. This is the greatest Christmas present ever,” Ray said.

Ray said she has scheduled a vet appointment for Monday morning just to make sure Luna Rose is healthy and caught up on her shots.

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