Police search for driver who killed 71-year-old grandmother in Pasadena

HOUSTON – Detectives are urgently searching for a hit and run driver, after a 71-year-old grandmother was killed while walking her dogs. Her heartbroken husband is hoping the public can help find who was behind the wheel.

Gary Harvey, a disabled Vietnam veteran, was eager to show off his wife’s favorite room, her dog room.

“These are all the dogs she’s ever had,” said Harvey pointing out different pictures and mementos of her past pets.

Harvey is 72 years old while his wife, June, was 71 years old. The couple has been together for 46 years, over half his life.

“She’s just a pillar in my life and a pillar in everybody’s lives,” said Harvey.

However, her life was taken last Friday when a car crashed into her. The driver didn’t stop.

“(My heart) It’s empty, it’s gone,” said Harvey.

For the first time in half a century, Harvey spent his thanksgiving alone.

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