Husband, wife killed by ex-husband in southwest Houston, according to HPD

Suspect is in custody, police say

HOUSTON – A husband and wife were shot and killed by the woman’s ex-husband on Wednesday in southwest Houston, according to the Houston Police Department.

The shooting was reported after 4 p.m. near Gessner Road and Bellaire Avenue.

When HPD officers arrived, they found the man shot dead and lying on the ground. Officers followed the blood trail that led them to an apartment, where a man was standing outside. That man, who has been identified as the ex-husband and the shooter, surrendered to the police.

When officers went inside the apartment, they found the wife, who was also shot to death.

“Man, that’s sad. And I know how 2020′s been all messed up. I’m like, that’s sad. A cold way to go out,” said neighbor Cedric Johnson.

HPD says there was a boy, who is somehow related to the victims, was also involved. However, police believe the child was at a neighbor’s house at the time of the shooting.

“There is a 7-year-old child – we’re not sure if that’s from the current marriage or previous marriage. Right now, we believe that the 7-year-old was in an apartment across the street with a babysitter. We’re having a little trouble confirming that because everybody’s pretty upset. And most parties involved speak Spanish. So, we’re trying to get a translator to get a clearer idea of what happened,” said HPD Lieutenant Larry Crowson in a press conference Wednesday.

Crowson said it’s been a “very distressing year.”

“I wish I had the answers to it,” he said. “I wish people would just try to calm down a little bit. I know that sounds very simple. But if people would just treat each other better that’s all we can hope for.”

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