Video: Mail thieves target gated townhomes near Galleria area

HOUSTON – People who live in the West Greenridge Circle townhomes and condos are angry and looking for answers after two men drove into their gated community and stole their mail in just a matter of minutes.

Video shared by the Homeowners Association shows one thief getting out of a Chevy Impala with a bag attached to his shoulder. This was just over a week ago -- just before 2:30 a.m. on Saturday near the Galleria area near Richmond and Hillcroft. Video shows him calmly walking up to the mailboxes and use some sort of device to easily open them. Then he steps toward his accomplice in the car.

With a bit of attitude, he asks his partner “Are you going to get out and help me?” The partner obliges and together they get away with mail for 49 households.

Homeowners told us this is not the first time someone has stolen their mail.

“Lately we’ve gotten two or three emails of videos from our homeowners association telling us about,” Jeff Broome said. “So it’s been a little more than it ever has been.”

One resident who has only been here for four months said he’s so fed up and now planning to move.

“People can’t go to work and they can’t do their activity or whatever and come home and your mailbox is all broken into,” Jeffery Martin said. “That’s ridiculous.”

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service is investigating the theft and will coordinate with the Houston Police Department.

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