Alvin ISD first-grader helps fellow schoolmates get computers

Nonprofit Landon’s Closet collecting laptops to help students in need

MANVEL, Texas – An Alvin ISD first grader is helping out his classmates with one of the most important school supplies during this pandemic: a computer. In this day in age, online school is Landon Taylor’s new normal.

“Can’t unmute your mic. You could just type it in the chat,” Landon said with a smile.

That’s because helpfulness is what defines this Pamona Elementary School first-grader. This voracious reader and gifted student behind the nonprofit Landon’s Closet.

“He’s 6-years-old. He’s the 6-year-old CEO,” said his mother LaVerne Taylor.

Giving clothing, books and toys to those in need are the fruits of this family’s labor. Landon, though, is an apple that never fell far from the tree.

Landon’s parents, Laverne and Marlow Taylor, started Landon’s Closet as a nonprofit that gave clothing to children in need. They said they started it to teach their child, even at a young age, what it meant to help those less fortunate.

“There’s enough bad in the world. So we just want to make sure that he grows up right and gives back to those less fortunate,” said his father Marlow Taylor.

When Landon realized that not all his schoolmates had laptops, he expressed concern to his parents.

“He came to us and said, ‘How are those kids going to learn?’ " Marlow said.

Then, Landon put his parents to work.

“I went to so many stores!” LaVerne laughed. “and they were sold out too!”

After searching in stores and online, finally, Landon’s mother was able to find two laptops on Amazon.

“[Landon] asked us, ‘Can I give them to people from Pomona [Elementary School]...We were like, ‘Yeah,’” Marlow said.

The students received laptops from school.

“[Landon] enjoys seeing other people online engaged,” Marlow said.

Landon’s parents said they are proud to see their son sharing a kind of understanding and consideration from which anyone can learn.

“So they can go to school...safely at their home,” Landon smiled.

Landon’s parents said if anyone wants to donate or get a laptop for other children in need their nonprofit Landon’s Closet would be happy to help.

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