Spring ISD staff goes door-to-door searching for absentee students

SPRING – Spring ISD launches a door-to-door campaign to get students either back in school or in front of their computers again at home. The district said this is an effort to engage with students who either aren’t attending in-person classes or engaging on a regular basis online.

“This is a different way for us to really target our families,” said Khechara Bradford, the district’s chief academic officer. “And offer them the support that they need to be successful this year.”

District administrators said they plan to reach 500 families in Spring ISD over a three-hour period. The primary focus will be high school students, who either have a high number of absences or are at a high risk of failure for this semester.

“I love that because now it’s showing the passion the administrators have for the kids, even for the parents,” said Spring ISD parent Shamal Peets. “We need one another. It’s difficult for everybody.”

Parents and residents that spoke with KPRC 2 were very much in favor of the idea. Many believed the parents need the visit as much as the students.

"I feel like the parents should step up a little bit more,' said resident Mykhaela Rollins. “And make sure their kids are doing their online classes.”

This is the second time the district has conducted what it calls the Success Walk. An effort to catch the attention of students and their families before their opportunities slip away.

“There’s nothing like just having that face to face contact and really going to where our students and families are,” Bradford said.

Tomorrow, the group of principals and teachers also will conduct surveys to see if any follow-up is needed with any of the families. Success Walks are planned again for February and April.

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