10-year-old boy thwarts home intruder, says his family has seen suspect before

HOUSTON – Nicholas Goodner, 10, of north Houston, did not feel safe in his home for a few scary moments this past weekend but the brave youngster took action when he needed to.

“I see him in the corner of my eye and I yell, ‘Hey!’ And he looks at me and I yell, 'Get the hell out,” Nicolas recalled. “And he just runs.”

The suspect, they believe is a man, was captured on a ring camera at one of Nicholas’ neighbor’s home the night before on Saturday. The family said this isn’t the first time they’ve encountered this individual.

“It’s crazy, like the amount of audacity,” said Nicolas’s older sister, Nikki Gutierrez.

Gutierrez said the same man drove into their driveway Saturday night shortly before midnight and asked for someone who doesn’t live here. The surveillance video shows him spending several minutes on the property.

“Walking around, knocking on the windows, peeping in, knocking on the door,” Gutierrez recalled. “Kind of like going through the stuff in the back.”

The man eventually left but returned Sunday morning when they say he broke into the house through Nicholas’s window. Nicholas was in the living room with his uncle, heard the commotion, checked it out, saw the man and was able to chase him away. Nicholas said he could tell the man was scared.

“I heard it. I heard it that time,” Nicholas said. “Because you could hear the panic.”

Video shows the man hightail it from the driveway in a car. They don’t know where he wound up but the family wants the police to find him.

“I just want this guy to get off the streets and get either the help or the discipline that he needs,” said Gutierrez. “Like, clearly there is more there and it’s frightening and needs to be addressed.”

Nicholas couldn’t agree more and said they need the public’s help.

“Call the police, tell them where he lives, what he looks like, his name,” he said. “All of his information.”

The family has a video they saved from last year that shows what looks to be the same man riding a bicycle in their driveway, but they say they have no idea who he is.

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