‘Gut-punch feeling’: Signs posted outside Houston middle school have some feeling unsettled

Hateful signs placed outside school
Hateful signs placed outside school

HOUSTON – A pair of signs described by community members as hateful, racist and misogynistic was found Tuesday outside Pershing Middle School in Houston.

“It was an immediate gut-punch feeling,” said Lisa Stanton.

Stanton said she became aware of the signs thanks to a friend who snapped a picture before they were taken down.

One of the signs read: “Epstein and Weinstein not a Presbyterian Problem." The other read, “Repeal the 19th," making reference to the constitutional amendment that gave women the right to vote.

“It’s confirmation that there are folks that want us to go back to those days,” Stanton said. “As a feminist, as a woman raising a daughter -- I was just shocked and appalled.”

Stanton posted pictures of the signs on Facebook to make community members aware.

“People are very interested in bringing the person to accountability and having them unmasked," Stanton said. “To me, I would love to see this person found.”

The Anti-Defamation League was also notified about the incident and are now investigating.

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