Man caught on video throwing puppies over animal clinic’s fence

BAYTOWN, Texas – Employees at the Cedar Bayou Animal Clinic in Baytown arrived at work on Thursday morning to find two abandoned puppies. They were shocked when they looked at the surveillance video.

“For me, when I watched it, it was very sickening,” said vet tech Jennifer Desadier. “I felt really sick to my stomach and immediately angry.”

The surveillance video shows a man toss the two dogs over a fence into the clinic’s backyard on Wednesday night. The fence is more than six feet tall.

Employees believe the pups are about 10 weeks old. Both are girls and one has a broken leg, which Desadier suspected is from the fall.

“Never in the seven years I’ve worked here have (I) seen this, where somebody just threw them away like trash and had no care if they were going to be hurt or not,” Desadier said.

The video clips provide different angles and show a man pull up in a car, get out and toss one of the dogs over the fence. He returns to the car to grab the second dog and do the same. Then he drives off.

The cameras are pointed out into the parking lot but employees were unable to make out the car’s license plate.

“We’ve all been on social media to share the videos, see if anybody knows him. So far, nobody I know knows him,” Desadier said.

The broken leg is expected to heal and the two dogs seem happy now but the clinic’s staff still want answers.

“I don’t understand why somebody would want to do that,” an employee said. “Understand if you can’t feed them, can’t care for them, there are other ways of going about it.”

The dogs are staying at the clinic for now.

While several people have asked, they are not up for adoption at the moment.