Secret Ops: Multiple agencies in Houston working on Election Day security

Local, state, and federal officials have been planning for months

Security preparations for Election Day
Security preparations for Election Day

HOUSTON – A group called the “Harris County Election Security Task Force” has been working behind the scenes for months, meeting in private and solidifying a security game plan for Election Day.

The potential for civil unrest and polling place problems are the main focuses for the group, which is spearheaded by Harris County Precinct 1 Constable, Alan Rosen.

The Harris County Clerk’s Office, The County Attorney’s Office, The Harris County District Attorney’s Office, the Houston Police Department, Texas Department of Public Safety, and several other local, state, and federal agencies are also part of the discussions.

“Everybody has been a part of the planning. We have multiple calls a day to where we all check-in that things are going appropriately,” Constable Alan Rosen, said.

Neither Rosen, nor HPD Chief Art Acevedo, would release specific details regarding election day security operations, but the goal is to stay under the radar, both law enforcement leaders said.

“While law enforcement many years ago used to suppress votes, supress people especially, our presence is to make sure voters are safe, nobody harasses and harangues them,” Acevedo said.

More than 1.3 million Harris County citizens have already voted.

On Friday, the Harris County Election Security Task Force reported they had received fewer than 20 allegations of wrongdoing that needed to be elevated to the level of formal investigation.

If you become aware of any real-time disruption requiring law enforcement intervention at a polling location, you can report by calling 713-755-7628. Other election irregularities or violations can be reported to 713-755-6965.