Houstonians celebrate Filipino American History Month at pop-up museum in Alief

HOUSTON – Filipinos from all over Greater Houston gathered in Alief to celebrate Filipino American History Month.

“Our Community Journey” was an interactive event hosted by local non-profits including O-C-A, FANHS, UniPro Texas and FilipinX Artists of Houston. The exhibit took place at the Alief Art House, a community space founded by a local Filipino artist.

“The whole idea of coming together as a community of making sure our heritage and history is being talked about and being passed on and presented in a way of how we want to be represented,” said artist Matt Manalo, the founder of Filipinx Artists of Houston and the Alief Art Houston.

Through live art, historical exhibits and activities, attendees were able to learn about major historical figures like activist Larry Itliong and the Delano Manongs, as well as landmark events like the “Bataan Death March” — all which changed the course of Filipino history.

Guests also learned the story behind how and why Filipinos came to Houston. Many attendees also shared how they plan to leave their mark on the community and celebrate the rich diversity of Houston.

“We are highlighting the Filipino American community here in Houston,” said Rea Sampilo, the event co-organizer. “We want to realize our activism and activate our social change and really continue dialogue in community.”

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