Houston woman has no idea where mountain of shipping boxes are coming from

HOUSTON – Katherine Green has a small mountain of shipping boxes growing inside her home, and she has no idea why they’re being sent.

The first shipment came two weeks ago and she now has received a total of 27 packages in four deliveries. 22 of those packages are shipping boxes with 25 items each. That’s a total of 550 boxes.

“I got labels another week, then I got a couple of more little smaller packages the next week,” said Green. “It’s like every week I get something.”

Green doesn’t have a small business and has no need for the boxes. She said she has called the U.S. Postal Service several times to let them know she never ordered the boxes. They haven’t exactly delivered the answer she was looking for.

“It was just like, ‘We don’t really care, and get rid of it if you want to. If not, you can bring it back to us,’” Green said. “But they were not going to pick it up.”

The packages are coming from a third-party contractor that delivers for the postal service. They also cannot tell Green why the packages are being sent.

Another possible mixup: the packages are addressed to a Catherine Green whose name begins with a ‘C.’ This Katherine’s name begins with a ‘K.’

Either way, it spells trouble for this southwest Houston woman.

“I don’t want to throw them away but if I have to I will because I just can’t use that,” Green said. “I don’t need those boxes.”

Green said she would be willing to donate the boxes to a non-profit organization if they would arrange for the pickup.

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