SCAM ALERT: Customers receiving false calls from scammers pretending to be Entergy employees


HOUSTON – Customers are being warned by local law enforcement after a scam targets Entergy.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and other local law enforcement agencies are alerting residents after receiving multiple calls regarding the phone scam.

How does the scam work?

A person falsely identifies themselves as Entergy employees, telling them that their electricity bill is past due to those who usually pay by check or monthly automated payment. The scammers tell customers their electricity will be disconnected.

The number that shows up on the victims' caller ID indicates that it is from Entergy. Officials said they leave messages that advise you to call another number to pay your bill. They also have automated answering machines that sound like Entergy, officials said. The scammers will ask you for a number, your account number, your social security number or Tax ID number.

Victims of the scam

Several people have reported that they were told they owed three months back pay, owing a total of $500 and needed to make the payment by going to the Dollar General store or CVS to buy a “Money Pak” cash card and send them the information, according to a press release.

After the scam victims sent the information, they are contacted by the scammer again, saying they did not receive payment and now owe $1,000 and an additional $11 processing fee. The scam victims were also told not to tell the cashier at the store what the payment was for because they could charge an additional fee, according to the press release.

What to do if you’re targeted by the scam

Anyone who has questions regarding their Entergy bill is asked to call Entergy directly.

Law enforcement asks citizens to not give out their personal information because Entergy will already have it on file and will not request it.

If a call sounds suspicious, officials say hang up and call 1-800-3680-3749 to speak directly with an Entergy customer service representative.

If you have been targeted or a victim of the scam, officials ask to call your local police department, Entergy and your financial institution.

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