Gored on the Green: Elk encounter injures golfer

Elk encounter injures golfer. (NBC NEWS)

(NBC NEWS) – A Colorado man is recovering after a painful encounter with a bull elk on an Evergreen, Colorado golf course.

The plan was to play one last game on a nice course before the weather changed.

Unfortunately for Zac Bornhoft’s group, the course had an unexpected hazard.

“We were kind of surrounded by the elk. There wasn’t really a simple way out,” he says.

Bornhoft, who was riding passenger in his golf cart, said he and his friends tried not to make any dramatic movement as they attempted to make their escape.

“I’m like, ‘Hey, let’s just keep it slow.’ A second after I said that it was like, ‘Game on.’ He came just directly at us,” he recalls.

The elk charged, goring Bornhoft with his antlers.

His kidney was broken into three pieces.

Denver Parks and Recreation, which oversees the course, says park rangers and staff alert golfers to avoid specific holes or leave their balls when elk are on the course.

Bornhoft says he hopes what happened to him will motivate others to learn what to do in similar situations.

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