Local country artist cancels shows after musical equipment was stolen from Cypress-area storage facility

This marks the second time the facility has been hit this year

CYPRESS, Texas – Mike Donnell is asking for help locating his stolen trailer filled with musical equipment. The trailer was being stored at Morningstar Storage in Cypress.

Donnell said he realized the equipment was missing before a show on Saturday.

“All of our gear was in this trailer. Every single speaker. All of our stage lighting. My drummer’s drum set that he’s had all his life. A bunch of custom cabinetry and fixtures, irreplaceable stuff man,” he said.

The country music artist asked the storage facility for surveillance video but said they claim to have none.

“I said, ‘Hey, I need to see the cameras. My stuff was stolen.’ They said, 'Actually, we don’t have any cameras where your unit was stored. And, ‘I said well that’s strange. I need to see the front gate.’ And they said, 'Actually, we don’t have any footage past a week and your unit was marked empty three weeks ago,” Donnell said.

This is the second time there’s been this sort of theft at the same facility this year. The only difference is that there was a video of that theft.

"Same exact trailer, same color, same contents and stolen back in February,” Donnell said.

The previous victim was able to get his equipment back thanks to law enforcement. Donnell is hopeful they can do the same for him. He has filed a police report with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

The trailer has two wheels and there is a sticker on the back that reads: MikeDonnellmusic.com. The license plate number on the trailer is 908306J.

“Report any description of any trailer that might match the description,” said Donnell.

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