Houston-area voters complain political signs are being stolen from yards

MONTGOMERY COUNTY – Election season is heating up and in some cases getting ugly. The evidence is in some of the Houston-area neighborhoods.

In Oakridge North near the Woodlands, a couple of residents from both sides were victimized.

Cynthia Oller said her neighbors Trump sign was taken.

“My neighbor came out. We usually chat on the road and told me that she wanted to know where I got my sign that hers had been stolen. So I said well you can have one of mine,” she said.

Oller said the theft was pointless and irritating. She wishes everyone would just respect each other’s freedom of speech.

“Everybody has a right to their opinion,” said Oller.

Like in most neighborhoods political signs can be seen throughout Oakridge North.

Michael Hribar, an Air Force veteran told KPRC 2 his Joe Biden sign was taken from his front yard about two weeks ago.

“What’s the point? What are you trying to prove? It was more disappointing in the people around me than anything else,” said Hribar.

In response to the theft, Hribar said he put 11 more signs supporting democratic candidates.

Some of the signs also preaching no hate in Texas and another said “Please feel free to steal these signs.”

Hribar said if they do he’ll just put up even more.

“I have a printer and I can go get lumber and material to make signs. It’s not difficult,” said Hribar.

The Oakridge North Police Department said only one case has been called so far but warned that someone caught stealing political signs could be cited for theft.

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