Do these things now to keep your lawn looking green and lush year-round

Tips for fall lawn care

HOUSTON – While you’re putting out the pumpkins, it’s the perfect time to pay attention to your lawn. Do you have brown patches, bare spots and weeds? The green thumns at Urban Harvest say no matter how terrible it looks, you can turn it around.

We interviewed Carol Burton, the Director of Garden Education to find out exactly what you should do now to get your lawn lush, green and healthy.

Two Steps

  • “Now is the best time of year to apply the humates,” Burton said. You can buy organic granulated compost from your local nursery. Spread it over your entire lawn. You only need to apply this once a year. The compost will add beneficial microbes and aereate your soil. Weeds are a sign your soil is unhealthy. When you improve your soil, the weeds will move out.
  • Next, spread organic slow release plant food over your turf. Use the same kind you’d use for flowers and vegetable gardens. You’ll do this three to four times a year. It is not as quick as using a weed and feed product, but Burton says those kill all of the beneficial bacteria in your soil too.

Adding color

While you’re nursing your lawn back to health, plant pops of color. Native plants are always a good bet because they use less water and require less care.

Almost any nursery will have a section of plants native to your area. Burton says native Turks Cap is popular in our area. This blooming plant likes the shade while Salvia loves the full sun.

Good fall flowers for our area include Pansies, Violas, Coral Queen and Dianthis.

“October all the way through February, you’re going to get great blooms out of Dianthis,” Burton said.

The flowers of all of the above varieties are edible. You can put them on salads or freeze them in ice cubes for cocktails. Urban Harvest is all about food access and community gardening so a lot of their recommendations are for plants and flowers that you can eat.

They also manage the largest farmers market in Texas every Saturday.