Pasadena couple accused of abusing 2 small children charged, investigators say

HOUSTON – A Pasadena couple accused of abusing their two small sons, one of whom died, were both arrested and charged.

Austin Reid, 22, and Emily Aust, 26, were both charged with two counts of injury to a child after being accused of beating and burning both Aust’s 2-year-old toddler in 2019 and newborn son earlier this year.

“Essentially, these two defendants showed a pattern of abuse and neglect,” said Assist. Harris County Attorney, Gilbert Sawtelle.

Both came under suspicion in May 2019.

Aust’s 2-year-old son, by another man, was rushed to Texas Children’s Hospital after being left alone with Reid, according to court documents. He told police he’d left the little boy in a partially filled tub and came back to find him unconscious, according to court documents. The problem with that story, according to prosecutors, is that the child wasn’t wet when medics found him and his injuries were extensive.

“(He was) found to have brain bleeds and extensive bruising all over this body, including his head, arms legs, genitals and he also had large amounts of cigarette burns all over his body,” Sawtelle said.

The child died after three days of being on life support.

Police were still investigating that case when Aust gave birth to a second son late last year. Then, the new baby was severely injured, prosecutors said. Reid claimed the infant was injured when he stuck his arm through a laundry basket. But doctors discovered the baby’s elbow was broken and dislocated.

“That baby also had burns on its fingertips and high liver enzymes indicative of abdominal trauma,” Sawtelle said.

The baby is now with a foster family while Reid and Aust await trial. They’re currently being held without bond.

Both face up to 99 years in prison on each count if they’re convicted.