UTHealth doctor provides a closer look at President Trump’s treatment

HOUSTON – President Donald Trump remained hospitalized Saturday night. He said to be in good spirits despite his ongoing fight with the coronavirus.

“He’s getting the Cadillac of treatment at this point, very early and very aggressive,” said Dr. Luis Ostrosky, an infectious disease specialist at UTHealth.

Ostrosky said the president is being treated with Remdesivir and an antibody cocktail made by Regeneron.

“Regeneron is a company that produces antibodies. These are antibodies that are engineered to go and find the virus and neutralize it. He’s also getting Remdesivir, which is the antiviral that we know has some effect against the virus at this point," he said.

Trump posted a video on Twitter Saturday from Walter Reed Medical Center addressing his health and the treatments he’s received.

“Frankly, their miracles if you want to know the truth their miracles people criticize me when I say that we have things happening that look like miracles coming down from God. Also, I just want to tell you that I’m starting to feel good,” said Trump.

According to experts and doctors, the next 48 to 72 hours are crucial to the president’s recovery.

“If it progresses we go into the autoimmune phase where the body’s own immune system starts attacking parts of the body like the lungs, you have coagulation issues, the heart, brain issues and at that point we would move to an anti-inflammatory or other agents that modulate the immune system,” said Ostrosky.

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