SFA hands over investigation to DA’s office while asking Evans’ family to agree to release the bodycam video of incident

Evans' family, lawyer say they have not seen the bodycam video

The attorney for the family of a Black freshman student, Christin Evans, at Stephen F. Austin State University says she was the victim of a racist set-up, orchestrated by her white roommates, that led to police storming her dorm room in the middle of the night with guns drawn. (KPRC)

Stephen F. Austin University announced Saturday they have completed their criminal investigation into a false report that led campus police to storm into the dorm room of Christin Evans, an innocent Black Houston teen who had weapons drawn on her while she slept.

The university said the police have turned their findings over Friday to the local district attorney’s office to decide whether there will be criminal charges against the 11 female students who have been accused of setting Evans up.

The university’s disciplinary investigation is expected to be concluded by the end of next week, according to Erika Harris, of Harris Consulting on behalf of SFA. The disciplinary actions, which range from suspension to expulsion, for those involved in the false report will be announced at that time.

SFA also claimed that they are awaiting permission from Evans' family to release body camera video that they said will show police acted “professional." Harris said the video will “bring clarity and squash rumors of aggressive police behavior.”

“Bodycam video depicts much different reality than what is being recalled and far different from the narrative from what is being reported by the media,” Harris said in a press conference Saturday.

Harris, who has seen the video from the night in question, said the video shows the officers knocked several times, but there was no answer. She said the officers identified themselves, and Evan’s suitemate gave officers permission to enter the room through the door that connects both dorms.

According to Harris, the SFA officers' guns were not drawn or pointed, and that the room was dark. Once the officers determined there was no threat, their weapons were returned to their holster.

Harris said the university cannot release the video without the permission of Evans and her family.

“(We) call on the Evans' family to join us by agreeing to release the bodycam video of the incident,” she said.

However, Evans' attorney Randall Kallinen said SFA has not allowed Evans, the family or himself to view the video while simultaneously seeking to release the video for the public and media. He believes that Evans was the victim of a racist set-up, orchestrated by her white roommates, that led to police storming her dorm room in the middle of the night with guns drawn.

“The officials there have seen the video. The police have seen the video, but they won’t let the parents or Christin or myself see the vide. So it’s very disconcerting that they’re doing so little,” said Kallinen.

Kallinen questioned who would allow a video of their 17-year-old daughter, who got up the middle of the night at 3 o’clock wearing God knows what, to be placed on national television?

“This is what they are asking to do,” he said.

Kallinen also raised concerns that the students that falsely accused Evans of trying to stab students with a knife, which is a first-degree felony, are still on campus.

“Christin sees these students on campus, and it is extremely distressing to her, causing her psychological problems," he said.

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