Vanessa Guillen remembered on what would have been her 21st birthday

HISD has declared September 30 ‘Vanessa Guillen Day’

Many remembered Vanessa Guillen on the day of what would’ve been her 21st birthday.

HOUSTON – Many remembered Vanessa Guillen on the day of what would’ve been her 21st birthday.

“It feels weird, but at the same time I feel happy because I remember the memories I had with her,” said Yovanna Guillen, Vanessa’s sister.

Houston ISD declared Wednesday “Vanessa Guillen Day.”

The district released a video when her loved ones returned to Chavez High School, where she graduated.

“It means a lot because you know there’s so many people that care. They were able to give her a special day just for her on her birthday,” said Yovanna.

People stopped at her mural and memorial on the Gulf Freeway and Park Place to remember the soldier, who was tragically killed.

“This is not fair. She was young and I’m just finding out today it was her 21st birthday. She didn’t get to have that and it’s really hard,” said Betty Gutierrez.

Alondra Rosales was in the same graduating class as Guillen at Chavez High School.

She also celebrated her 21st birthday this month.

“My birthday was also in September. It was earlier and my sisters gave me those balloons, so I wanted to give them to her,” said Rosales.

It was a special day to honor Guillen, whose death has touched many lives.

“I pray for the family to get over this and I don’t think you can ever get over something like that,” said Lori Olivares.

A public memorial service was set at the Forest Park Lawndale Funeral Home at 4 p.m. Wednesday. A march was scheduled in the East End at 4 p.m. Saturday.

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