Ask 2: I am a veteran and single father losing my house. Any resources to help us find a home?

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Question: I am an Army paratrooper veteran and single father of two losing my house. Any resources you have to help us find a home?

Answer: There are multiple resources available offering aid to families and veterans.

Here are some organizations that may be most helpful to your situation:

Veterans assistance programs

Homes for Texas Heroes provides home buyer assistance to Texas veterans. Click here to take the eligibility quiz.

United States Veterans Initiative offers permanent and transitional housing in addition to other family services in an effort to keep veterans and their families from becoming homeless.

Veterans Land Board helps veterans buy a home by providing a competitive, low-interest loan with little or no down payment.

Family assistance programs

Community Family Centers offers rent and mortgage assistance.

Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services offers a single parent family program that provides housing and other services within Texas. Click here to begin the application.

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