Stafford bar on brink of closing hit by robbery holds fundraiser to raise funds

STAFFORD, Texas – A recent break-in could force a family-owned business over the brink, the owner said.

The Stafford Ice House has been in the eight square mile city of Stafford for 26 years.

Police say the owners took a hit when a man captured in surveillance video broke in last week. He reportedly stole $800 worth of items the bar, which planned to sell those items during an auction to help pay bills.

The bar was already in debt because of COVID-19, the owner said.

“You’re already closed. You’re already fighting,” said owner Karla Webb. “And then to have someone come in and do what they did.”

The surveillance video shows the man after he entered and spent about 20 minutes inside stealing auction items and about 15 cases of beer. Police say he also took time to defecate in a trash can.

Coupled with the industry been forced to stay closed for the last six months, the robbery has taken a toll on the female-run bar.

“They don’t have any work for us. But they continually make us not work,” said bartender Stephanie Bayless. “And we want to work. we want to feed our children.”

But work to hold the auction this Saturday continues. The bar is hoping the thief gets caught and praying the community turns out to support.

The plan is to try, as owner Webb says, “stay in the fight.”

“Hopefully we’ll be here,” Webb said. “We want to make it another 26 years.”

The Stafford Ice House will have an auction, serve barbeque and beer and have activities like a dunking booth. The fundraiser begin Sunday at 10 a.m.

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