‘I was panicked.’: Son of big rig driver describes moment he learned his father’s truck plunged 50 feet off overpass

HOUSTON – A horrific wreck in the early hours of Friday left two people injured. Houston police said a drunk, wrong-way driver and an 18-wheeler collided on I-45 in Downtown Houston. The driver of the big rig saw the wrong-way driver, tried to swerve out of their path and ended up plunging off the freeway, according to authorities.

Sukhjit Khara owns the big rig that crashed and received a call from a tow truck driver informing him his vehicle was involved in the accident.

Initially, Khara wasn’t sure which truck was involved in the accident, but after placing several calls he realized the driver of the truck was his 65-year-old father, Baltej Singh.

“I was panicked, I was tearing, I started crying,” said Singh.

At first, he wasn’t sure if his father survived the crash. When he called the tow truck driver back, they informed him that his father survived the 50-foot plummet.

Khara eventually spoke with Singh after he was taken to the hospital. According to Khara, Singh said he saw the wrong-way driver, tried to get out of the way, but the driver swerved in front of him so he yanked his wheel and the big rig tumbled off the highway and fell below.

“We are lucky he survived,” said Khara.

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Authorities say the other driver is 56-year old Carrie Edens. Officials say she admitted to drinking and was on her way to the bank, then to pick up her daughter. Edens suffered a broken leg, while Singh fractured ribs.

“You know he basically almost gave up his life to save this lady, even though she was drunk and on the wrong side of the road,” said Singh.

Khara said his father is not going to drive again and will retire instead.

At last check, Edens is still in the hospital and facing a DWI charge. However, more charges may be coming. Authorities said they believe Edens may have been under the influence of an illegal substance in addition to alcohol.

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