Ask 2: Can you wear a face covering and still have your licensed-to-carry firearms on you in Texas?

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Question: Can you wear your face covering and still have your legally LTC concealed firearm on your person?

Answer: Yes. Wearing a face covering to protect yourself and others from the spread of COVID-19 does not inhibit those with licensed-to-carry firearms on them in Texas, whether openly or concealed, according to research from librarians at the Texas State Law Library.

The library said it was unable to locate any state laws that explicitly prohibit the wearing of a mask while lawfully carrying a firearm or any laws currently in effect that address mask-wearing in general.

A blog post from Texas-based BCP Criminal Defense Attorneys also states that wearing a mask while carrying a gun is not a criminal offense under Texas law.

The law firm says that if the facial covering is worn to reduce COVID-19 contagion, individuals are able to wear the mask and still carry the concealed weapon with a valid permit.

However, if the mask is being worn to hide your identity, intimidate others or commit a crime, then is the action considered illegal, per the law firm.

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