David Hasselhoff welcomes back Katy ISD to in-person learning and it is everything


KATY, Texas – Students at Katy Independent School District returned to in-person classes this week after three weeks of virtual learning.

It was a high-stress week for parents, teachers and students worried about going back to school amid a pandemic, so to wrap up the week, the district shared a legendary “welcome back” video.

The message was sent from none other than David Hasselhoff and it was everything you would expect from The Hoff.

“After six months of virtual learning, the students of Katy ISD will return face-to-face, mask-to-mask with the other awesome teachers on Tuesday (Sept. 8),” Hasselhoff said in the video. “…Good luck! I know the kids are so excited.”

According to the district, the video was provided by a Katy ISD parent as a “special surprise for back to school.”

We aren’t sure if the kids in school know who Hasselhoff is, but one can only hope they appreciated the epic-ness of the video.

Now, as the man himself said, “Hoff off.”

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