Organizers assemble ’Black Lives More Than Matter’ rally at Emancipation Park

HOUSTON – Several dozens gathered at Emancipation Park for a ’Black Lives More Than Matter’ rally Saturday. The gathering was one of several across Houston, part a growing movement to demand change.

“Locally, we have issues. We have yet to see any true actionable items around police reform. People talk about defunding the police. We want to reimagine policing and reallocating things, such as having maybe a mental health team,” said organizer Dav Lewis.

Others said they were there to educate themselves and their loved ones.

“We believe in everything being spoken today. We do think there is reform that is needed. We came to get educated also and just feel the energy of the people,” said Raschida Jones.

Organizers asking those in attendance to make informed decisions at the polls by educating themselves.

“We’re just trying to raise awareness and show people how voting can enact change and affect change in their community,” said organizer Carl Ward. “ That is our message: It’s really not just vote but be an informed voter.”

Organizers said a march to city hall will take place in the coming days.

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