Nearly 100 pets arrive in Houston after being rescued from hurricane-ravaged Louisiana

The day started early for the Houston SPCA as crews loaded up pet crates before heading east. Their mission to relocate more than 60 dogs and cats from the Lake Charles Animal Shelter, an area devastated by Hurricane Laura.

“I’m just looking forward to bringing all of those animals back. Just like how our friends helped us during Harvey, we’re there to help them as well,” said Julie Kuenstle, the vice president of communications for the Houston SPCA.

After meeting up in Boyce, Louisiana, the animals were carefully transferred for their return trip to Texas.

“It’s supporting the people, but it’s also great to know that animals that went through such a traumatic experience could really find a great home,” said Kathryn Destreza, the director of operations for the Louisiana SPCA.

They will make the nearly four-hour drive back to Huston. Then, the animals will be checked out by veterinarians and cared for before eventually being adopted out.

This is an example of two communities working together to make a difference for people and pets in the aftermath of a powerful hurricane.

“We can support them as best we can in, anyway we can that we can. It’s amazing to know that we have a great partner like Houston SPCA that’s helping us to do that as well,” Destreza said.

“We all have the same mission and that is to take care of the animals who need us,” Kuenstle said.

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