$60K raised for Houston mother of 4 evicted, forced to live in car, according to GoFundMe effort

A photo shared with the GoFundMe account that raised more than $60K (Chelsea Monroe and Kenia Madrigal)

Without government assistance, a single mother and her four children were forced to live in their car after being evicted amid an economic crisis as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic, according to a GoFundMe account asking or help or the mom.

Now, Kenia Madrigal is able to provide a home for her family again thanks to the generosity of nearly 2,000 people who raised more than $60,000 within one day on GoFundMe.

The online fundraiser was created by Chelsea Monroe, one of Madrigal’s coworkers.

According to Monroe, Madrigal was laid off at the start of the pandemic and denied unemployment and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.

The mother of four was unable to find work for several months but once she did, it was too late.

Madrigal and her children -- ranging in age from one to 11 years old -- were evicted from their home. They then moved into her car.

Monroe describes Madrigal as a hardworking, optimistic, and brave mother who was unfortunately failed by the United States’ response to the pandemic.

In an effort to help the mother, Monroe created a GoFundMe with a goal of $800 to go toward a safe home for the family and expenses incurred from the children’s education as a result of school being held virtually.

In just one day, donors exceeded the goal amount, raising $60,965 for the family by Thursday morning.

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