Channelview family shares how to throw unforgettable drive-thru quinceañera party

CHANNELVIEW – While it was not the quinceañera they originally planned, everything worked out perfectly, the Guerrero family said. They were able to celebrate a very special birthday with all of their loved ones with masks and plenty of social distance.

“They were all honking telling me that I was so gorgeous and pretty,” said quinceañera Azalia Guerrero. “As they drove by they would give me gifts and I would walk up and I would grab them.”

Azalia and her parents have been planning her quinceañera for two years. The celebration was originally planned for April. But then the pandemic hit, and the birthday celebration was put on hold.

“I was hoping for a regular party,” said Azalia.

Azalia’s family wanted the moment to remain special.

“I say what can I do? I was really thinking how my daughter can have her quince,” said her mother Araceli Guerrero.

The family came up with a drive-by quinceañera birthday party.

Araceli said the party took a lot of planning. She booked the mariachi band and got the decorations together. She also ordered the dress, matching mask and jewelry from her home town in Mexico. Araceli’s father, David Guerrero, cooked all the food. While their church allowed them to use the parking lot.

They said the event all came together in less than two weeks.

Friends and family decorated their cars. They held signs that read: “Feliz quince Azalia!”

They also handed her gifts through their car windows. All of her loved ones were even able to watch the special quinceañera moment when Azalia danced with her father.

“It was a very special day. My daughter looked very beautiful and everything came together that day for her,” said David.

“I was so happy because I don’t want her to miss the experience to have a quince, so I was happy and excited. I enjoyed doing everything for her,” said Araceli.

“I got to be with the people that I love and I saw everyone. Even from far (away), it was still enjoyable and I liked it,” said Azalia.

If you are planning to have a social distance party, the Guerrero family said to make sure the parking lot is big enough and someone is directing traffic.

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